How Inara India will Help You in Providing an Unforgettable Experience to Your Guest

‘Home Away from Home’– This is the most popular statement used for the hotels in consideration with the guest stay. A successful hotel always aims at the superior guest experience. To meet the guest expectations every hotel needs to do careful planning and pay attention to each detail and service demanded by the guests. Inara India is here to help hotels meet one such expectation to maximize guest experience and add to the value of the hotel brand.

The brand is dedicated to supply the finest quality in luxurious hotel amenities collection. In fact it offers a comprehensive selection of products that meet the needs of the guests. The product range includes bath basics and collection for spas and salon. Being an eminent room amenities brand, it creates the perfect guest experience that becomes a beautiful memory for both- guest and hotel.

All the amenities made here are safe as they are free from Paraben, Sulphate and any dyes. The 100% natural formula adds to the quality of the products and makes it different and better from other products available in the market. This herbal formula makes it most preferred by the guests. Also, the products are available in tubes as well as bottles which allow the clients to choose. The company also allows the client to customize the packaging for the products that gives more reliability to the guests and also acts as a good souvenir. Most importantly a close monitoring while sourcing ingredients, manufacturing and packaging ensure that a high quality, effective and durable product is distributed.

The products by the company create the most pleasant and relaxing experience for the guests with a perfect blend of luxury and serenity. They not only benefit the body and mind of the guest but also rejuvenate the environment. The best of the all is that the natural formulations which include use of natural actives, pure essential oils, and exquisite natural fragrances. The thought that Inara is made in the forest by the Ganges puts positivity into the products when used by the guests. Skincare and pleasant experience is core to the brand. Thus, major focus is on the ayurvedic products so that no harm is done.

Some of the bathroom amenities include:


Sulphate-free shampoo includes blend of rosemary leaves, green tea and soapnut extracts that gently cleanse and nourish the hair and scalp.


Hair Conditioner consist of the ingredients like olive oil, hibiscus extract and glycerin that instantly smoothen and detangle hair leaving them shiner and manageable.


To maintain the natural moisture balance the shower gel contains coconut oil, soyabean protein and carrot seed oil.


For soft, moisturized and fragrant skin body lotion consist of ingredients like olive oil, liquorice extract and flax seed oil.


Glycerin Soaps by Inara are enriched with Vitamin E that cleanse and nourish the hand.


The bath soaps are made with the blend of coconut oil, almond oil and glycerin that leave the skin soft and fragranced.

The most eminent thing about all the above products is that they are not only near to the nature but are made through the nature. This quality makes them best of all as it helps in providing an unforgettable experience for guests at the hotel.