Feel The Essence Of Nature With Inara India In Hotel As Well

Hotel is a home away from home for any traveler. When you travel you seek to get the best. To make that stay more memorable hotel amenities plays a crucial role. The quality of the amenities provided by the hotel develops a sense of sophistication amongst the traveler. Not only this, the better the amenities better is the brand value and image of the hotel.

Inara India, with its bespoke hotel amenities, assists in adding that extra refinement for the guest experience. They are believed to manufacture 100% natural products that not only benefit the body but also have positive impact on mind and environment. The focus here is on the production of sulphate free hotel amenities. The products are also free from coloring agent or any synthetics. The products by the company are the output of amalgamation of nature’s goodness and modern science.

Inara’s standard range of bathroom amenities includes the following:

  • Shampoo:

Shampoos by Inara comprise of special blend of Rosemary leaves, Green Tea and Soap nut Extracts that gently cleanse and nourish the hair and scalp.

  • Conditioner:

Conditioners include ingredients such as Olive Oil, Hibiscus Extract and Glycerine that instantly give smooth and tangle free hair.

  • Shower Gel:

The nourishing shower gels contain Coconut Oil, Soyabean Protein and Carrot Seed Oil that clean the skin naturally and maintain its moisture balance.

  • Body Lotion:

Creamy body lotion by Inara includes ingredients such as Olive Oil, Flax Seed Oil and Liquorice Extract that leaves the skin moisturized and fragranced.

  • Hand Soap:

Glycerine soaps of Inara are enriched with Vitamin E to cleanse and nourish the hands.

  • Bathing Soap:

Ingredients such as Coconut Oil, Almond Oil and Glycerin in bathing soap gently cleanse the skin and leave it soft and fragranced.

All the above mentioned products are manufactured with carefully selected botanical ingredients. These finest quality products are available in both miniature sized bottles or tubes for the guests at the hotel. They are produced with major focus on holistic healing.

These products are available in following fragrances:

  • Neroli and Lemon Zest
  • Tangerine and Orchid

Inara being the firm believer of customer satisfaction also gives an option of tailor made amenities as per the requirement of the hotels. To add that extra mile for the guests there is an option to provide lip balm, face wash, bath salt and foam bath along with other products as demanded by the hotel. There is another option to beautify the stay for a single lady guest at the hotel with their pamper kit which includes various grooming products. The brand also deals with exceptional lobby aromas that add to the charm of the hotel.

Being firm believer that beauty should be natural and not synthetic production of paraben free hotel amenities is majorly focused here. In fact it is famous for its ayurvedic hotel amenities that are made with all the extra care and with proper research and development.

Currently hotel collection from Inara has become part of premium hotels, hospitals and international airport lounges. The pharma-grade quality container packaging adds to the distinctiveness of the products by the company. Highest quality standards maintained by the company increases the product value and the value of the company in the market of luxurious hotel amenities supplier making it best amongst others.

Final choice is by you- choose the best or the rest.