5 Important Natural Products for Business Travelers

With every Business Travel, one looks at productive meetings, efficient networking and accomplishing much more. Though on the other side, business travel can be really taxing because of various reasons – frequent travels are tiring, eating and sleeping patterns and more. All these reasons can impact your outlook too. Therefore, it becomes crucial to plan your packing. A business traveller should be hands-on with the important things which should go in the luggage. Regular travels can be tedious and unplanned too, therefore, a frequent traveller must have a certain part of the luggage always ready. While by now everyone knows the key to a Smart Packing is ‘Divide and Pack’. So as many sections you have in the suitcase, so is your travel life made easy. A set of clothes, shoes, set of casuals and your own body and bathing amenities are the basic toiletries anyone needs to carry. But the question is how much is sufficient? Some services should be left to the best of the hotels.

While you are away flying, attending meetings and eating everything try to take care of yourself at the end of the day. No matter how much your day has been hectic make sure to rejuvenate yourself before you go to sleep. Natural products are known for their long-lasting impact. Though there are many such brands available in the market one of the brands which are really important for a business traveller is INARA. Inara India recognizes the need of today’s five-star hotels when it comes to wellness amenities, therefore while manufacturing luxurious hotel amenities they add refinement beyond imagination. A brand which takes pride in manufacturing 100% natural products that benefit body, mind, and environment, by being completely free of sulphates, parabens, colouring agents, or any synthetics. They are the source of natural ingredients at a hotel which drives a traveller again to your hotel. Here is the basic list of hotel amenities of bath and basics which every hotel should have to keep their guests revitalized:

–    INARA’s Shampoo is made up of a mixture of rosemary leaves, green tea and soap nut extracts is a unique combination. These shampoos are sulphate free therefore harmlessly cleansing hair and scalps.

–    Conditioners boasts of olive oil mixed with glycerine and hibiscus extract to detangle hair to keep easy and breezy.

–    The shower gel is kept closest to nature while using coconut oil, soya bean protein and carrot seed oil. It helps to find the body natural moisture balance with a subtle fragrance.

–    Body lotions are made the most effective by using olive oil, liquorice oil and flaxseed oil which are easily absorbed in the skin to keep it soft for the longest hours.

–    Bathing soap comprises of coconut oil and almond oil mixed with glycerine so that there is no dryness after bathing.

–    While when it comes to Inara Hand soap they are enriched with Vitamin E to cleanse and nourish guest’s hands.

All the above products are available in unique blends of ingredients which are known for their various benefits. They come in Neroli & Lemon Zest, Tangerine & Orchid, Water Lily and Citrus. Citrus is known to keep the glow intact whereas Neroli extracts are famous for its soothing power. Lemon Zest is filled with the power of mood enhancer to let you enjoy the rest of the evening after a hectic day. They also come in mini packaging which can be carried by the travellers while checking out. They are mini toiletries easy to carry even in a short suitcase as well as apt for frequent travellers. Given the range of the natural products that INARA has to offer, any of the business travellers will keep coming back to their home away from home.

It’s important for Indian top hoteliers to create a comfortable and soothing environment for its guests. These offerings might appear a small part of the entire hospitality services but because they are of personal usage, natural bath and basics amenities become crucial. Inara’s products make sure to satisfy the travellers’ needs especially when they return to their rooms tired and exhausted. Thus, let the business travellers end their days at the best.