How Hotel Amenities Enrich the Customer Experience

Little things make a big difference – especially when it comes to delivering quality customer service in the hotel industry. More than the size of the suite or view from the window, it’s those little extra amenities that make your stay all the more enjoyable. As trivial as they may seem, hotel amenities are those vital goodies that can either make or break a customer’s experience. From uninterrupted Wi-Fi connection to the adorable travel size toiletries, you will be surprised how much influence simple hotel amenities have on making a stay a memorable one. If you don’t believe it, here’s a look at how few such amenities make a huge difference.

The classic Wi-Fi conundrum

With the ever-increasing use of digital technology, hi-speed internet is sort of a lifeline for almost everyone. From regularly updating oneself with emails to posting every exciting experience on social media, Wi-Fi network has become nothing but an essential amenity.  And god forbid if any room comes unequipped with this 21st-century necessity.

Bathroom essentials

No stay is complete without a set of complementary Inara travel size toiletries. Let’s face it, it’s not often that we go packing without the essential toilet kit. But it doesn’t hurt to have a freshly laid out kit that we can call our very own. After all, hotel bathroom toiletries essentials are great lifesavers in case you occasionally forget the much-needed toothbrush or shampoo. It’s not enough to have a wide array of toiletries at the cost of their quality. Think about it – having to use low quality shampoo is as bad as having to use no shampoo at all.

Linen towels and bathrobes

You may wonder how the humble towel can determine the quality of your experience. Well, having a towel that isn’t soft enough or big enough to drape yourself is quite off-putting. It’s almost as if you were reducing all that effort in taking a hot shower into redundancy. Similarly, having the luxury of linen bathrobes is nothing short of a royal experience. Some guests look to the hotel experience as a luxurious getaway. It is simple amenities like these that guarantee such finesse.

Complimentary refreshments

It’s no doubt that room service is always at our every beck and call. But calling out to them every time we want a glass of water can be taxing. Keeping refreshments like water or coffee/tea sachets stocked up in every room can make things all the more convenient. Be it a glass of water to quench your thirst or piping cup of coffee to kick-start your day, these conveniences leave a positive impression on every guest.

Dining options

When in a new place, every traveller likes to get a taste of the local cuisine. To give this experience a personal touch, it’s advisable to add a list of local recommendations on the dining menu. It adds an oomph factor which takes the quality of service a long way. On the contrary, it is also better to provide some staple options lest the guests aren’t of the adventurous category. It not only leaves the guest feeling cared for but it also makes them feel at home.

Specialised extra’s While it’s apt to treat every guest equally with the best of services, a little extra won’t do any harm. Whether it is a chilled bottle of champagne for a newly married couple or a crib for a child, these little extras are what make the stay a memorable and enjoyable one. If not for anything, it’s the thought and gesture that counts.

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