5 Hotel Amenities That Your Guests Want

From cosy rooms in igloos to underwater rooms to lodging with animals, new properties are mushrooming and pushing the envelope of what a typical hotel experience feels like. Regardless of the innovation, there are certain basic requirements properties are obligated to meet to guarantee both comforting and welcoming experience to guests.

To win the hearts and loyalty of customers, properties have to offer more than a place to sleep. Whether it’s room service, valet parking, an on-site spa with luxury bath amenities or luxurious guest room amenities supplies, it’s what’s over and above that appeals to guests. Akin to how guest expectations for décor and communication has evolved over the years, so has their envisage for amenities.

With the advent of the internet, travellers are more discerning than ever. With plenty of options available at the click of a button, they have a variety to choose from. If you want your customers to return and stand out from competitors, you need to focus on offering top-notch service and features.

1. Free Wi-Fi

For better or for worse, pre-teens and above are glued to their mobile devices nearly 24/7. Anything that comes in the way of uninterrupted internet access is perceived as a big negative. Today, it’s a game-changer and a modern-day staple for when travellers are looking make to make a booking. A property that offers free, property-wide internet access instantly bags a differentiating positive that makes guests chose them over others. If your hotel targets business travellers then without question, Wi-Fi is a must. Nearly 34% of business travellers won’t consider a property unless it has Wi-Fi.

2. Complimentary breakfast

Bespoke hotel amenities include a complimentary breakfast. Whether it’s a family vacation or a single person travelling for work, people take comfort in the fact that the first and the most important meal of the day is taken care of. After free Wi-Fi, travellers rank breakfast as the second most important amenity. Trust us, complimentary breakfast will not go unappreciated.

Apart from complimentary breakfast, guest room supplies mini-fridges and room service is also sought after. Business hotels can even think of offering grab-and-go meals for business travellers, giving guests the flexibility and convenience that they desire. A packed sandwich for on the road or a warm burrito to enjoy in the comfort of their room.

3. Luxurious spa and fitness facilities

If your current facilities include a 10-year old treadmill and generation-old TVs, unfortunately, they don’t make the cut anymore. The guests of today covet state-of-the-art, high-quality weight and cardio equipment, steam baths with sulphate and paraben free hotel amenities, saunas, massage services with luxury bath amenities – there’s really no going over the top. Mid-range hotels can aim to house mid-range, well-maintained and a broad selection of weight and cardio equipment along with big TV screens. It’s a good starting point.

4. Spa quality toiletries  

Remember, it’s the extra touches and the little things that leave a lasting impression on guests. Stocking the bathroom and rooms with luxury bath amenities and beauty products by luxury hotel amenities manufacturers like Inara can instantly give your hotel an indulgent five-star feel. From shampoo, soap, conditioner, body gels, mouthwash, lotions, etc. don’t forget anything. Inara provides bespoke hotel amenities which are also sulphate and paraben free hotel amenities. They’re an excellent option for everybody and anybody.  

5. Attentive, informative concierge services

When guests experience problems or are in need of information, a fast, courteous and reliable response often marks the difference between a dream vacation and a nightmare stay. An indispensable asset which employees should possess are a thorough knowledge of the property, it’s areas and its policies, especially those who communicate with customers. Knowledgeable staff who are willing to go the extra mile and deliver helpful information definitely make an indelible impression. This impression translates into word of mouth marketing for your property inturn creating a steady pipeline of referred guests.

Ultimately, amenities matter. They’re what make enhance your customers experience from good to excellent. Ensure you do everything you can to win the hearts of your customers and in turn their bookings and loyalty. Always remember, consistency is key – offer the exact same experience every single time thn the guests develop a sense of confidence and comfort with your property.

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