A World Flower Show & International Seminar hosted by Diggi Palace, Jaipur.

In the lap of luxury, resonates a reflection of the country’s deeply rooted history dating back to over 150 years surrounded by its creative architecture. Diggi Palace is a vibrant amalgamation of cultures, heritage and art that dwells in the heart of Jaipur. The Palace echoes the Rajasthani favors which is embedded in its hospitality, and celebrates its festivities to enhance one’s enriching experience. The strength of Rajasthan’s culture and the mesmerizing sound of Sufi music is as indigenous in its vibe as is invigorating in its impression.  

Nestled in a serene setting with greens, the Palace offers luxurious courtyard suites that illuminate contemporary décor, each equipped with a personal terrace, a splendidly furnished mini bar befitting the guests’ need. The mesmerizing architecture of the palaces captures the historical yesteryears in every shade and blended with the warmth of their hospitality ensures that the guests surrender to slumber with the flamboyance of Diggi.

The Palace kitchen promotes the concept of farm to table with their organic farms. Enjoy a trip to one of their organic farms to gain a firsthand experience on the science of farming. These organic farms use sustainable agricultural techniques and grow over 50 fruits and vegetables. 

In Feb 2020, Diggi Palace hosted the International Flower Show for the World Association of Floral Artists (WAFA). This five-day flower fair was a panorama of workshops, competitions, demonstrations & exhibition; everything to excite a flower lover. With a range of products enriched with citrusy and refreshing Pink Grapefruit and Ginger, Inara partnered with Diggi Palace and provided amenities during this spectacular show.