Finally, India has got its finest coffee Plantation – Ama Trail’s by Taj group

Amidst misty hills, lush forests and scenic landscapes with fresh aromas of coffee plantations, lies this quintessential holiday destination – Coorg. This postcard-perfect destination attracts tourists who are looking out for adventurous activities or simply, a relaxing staycation.

At Ama Plantation Trails, savour the coffee made from freshly ground beans, relish the local cuisine; run, play, explore and step out for sight-seeing and adventures. The fresh air is infused with the distinct aromas of coffee, vanilla, pepper and other spices that adds for a refreshing change. Equipped with modern amenities, these vintage properties exude a colonial charm amid the irresistible natural beauty of the plantations. The resort houses expert Chefs who bring to your platter unique flavors that tantalize your taste buds with Kodava Cuisine along with the delicacies from varied parts of India.

Replicating the rich heritage of Coorg, the Bungalows at Ama Plantation are equipped with intricate Victorian furniture, and are designed to make way for natural light to flow in, which add to its luxurious grandeur. Nestled in the lap of green scenic views, the cool, fresh breeze refreshes one’s self to relax and unwind. The surrounding gardens are home to schools of butterflies, hovering their way through the blossoms & the humming of honeybees on their mission to pollinate & bring nature to its sustenance. Sip on a cup of hot coffee while you sit back and relax in their fresh garden.

At this exquisite property, Inara offers their refreshing unique blend of warm Tangerine and Orchid that are formulated with pure, fresh, natural plant extracts and ancient recipes that lie in the traditional scriptures of Ayurveda. Indulge in a luxurious bath with this warming yet refreshing blend to soothe, calm and relax your senses.