Nourishing head massage to restore healthy hair.

In Ayurveda, healthy hair is an expression of a balanced Ayurvedic Dosha; when the hair is glossy, beautiful and strong as compared to being limp and frizzy. The key to maintain healthy, strong and nourished hair is to include high performing, Ayurvedic hair care products at every step in your regimen. Essentially, one should opt for products that are prepared with natural ingredients and herbs to ensure they are gentle on the scalp and do not harm the hair quality in the long run.

Nutrients are the key to lush healthy hair, but to be effective they must reach deep within the roots. Often tension in the scalp or fatty deposits block circulation, drying the sebum and, thereby, weakening the hair roots. A relaxing head massage is the answer for tension relief as it improves circulation and frees the hair roots of dry sebum. A scalp massage is also known to increase the oxygen supply to the brain and helps to increase blood flow to the hair follicles, thereby also supporting the growth of healthy hair. 

Following the ancient ayurvedic method of infusing potent herbs and their extracts in oils, is used in the preparation of our Head Massage Oil. These are 100% natural and free from any Sulphates, Parabens, Petroleum, artificial colour, synthetic fragrance and animal testing.

The Inara Head Massage Oil Hibiscus & Coconut is rich in emollient oils and potent Ayurvedic herbs to deeply nourish and soothe the scalp that lends to healthy hair. Olive oil is a source of anti-oxidants and neutralizes free radicals that damage the scalp and hair from external stressors. An emollient for the hair, Coconut Oil deeply moisturises the scalp, restores its shine, while conditioning and strengthening the hair follicles. The presence of Vitamin E, enriched with antioxidant properties, helps to reduce oxidative stress that leads to hair loss. It also stimulates blood circulation and balances excess oil production in the scalp. Hibiscus leaf extracts help combat excessive dryness and fizziness; Acacia and Jujube leaves extracts along with refreshing Lime essential oil help to treat scalp irritation and dryness, and strengthen hair follicles to restore healthy hair texture and growth.

Pro Tip: Using the double boiling method, slightly warm the oil and massage it into the scalp and along the hair lengths. Preferably, leave it wrapped in a hot towel for thirty minutes. Wash and rinse as required.

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