The perfect weekend trip to unwind, this winter!

With the weather becoming colder, we can only think of those cozy getaways to unwind with family and friends, bonfires, wine and comfort food. Allow us to share with you the picture-perfect destination that is situated in a calm and serene surrounding, the ultimate escape from the busy city life – The Tree of Life Group. Equipped with modern amenities, these vintage properties offer breathtaking scenic views to its discerning guests. Be it for an exclusive Corporate Retreat or Intimate family celebration where you have the entire resort exclusively for yourselves, the Tree of Life Group humbly welcomes its guest and their four-legged companion across their properties!

To this exquisite chain of resorts, Inara offers a unique blend of Neroli and Lemon Zest that are formulated with pure, fresh, natural plant extracts and ancient recipes. Indulge in a luxurious bath with this rejuvenating yet refreshing blend to soothe, calm and relax your senses. The Neroli and Lemon Zest collection of in-room amenities by Inara comprises sulphate free soaps, cleansers and conditioner which gentle cleanse the skin and hair, while the creamy body lotion lathers on to soften and nourish the skin. This citrus blend is enriched with antioxidants that help heal and nourish the skin, while boosting collagen production in the skin.

The infusions of natural herbal extracts, pure essential oils of fresh flowers, emollient butters and cold-pressed oils of organically grown herbs, create an efficacious blend for the skin and hair. With soothing and refreshing notes, this blend revitalizes the body and uplifts the senses. The hair repair duo is infused with a natural cleanser, Reetha and other natural herb extracts to deeply rejuvenate the scalp and enhance hair’s natural shine and volume, while restoring healthier hair. The shower gel gently cleanses and purifies the skin while leaving the skin hydrated and illuminated. Along this, comes a handmade soap, formulated with raw Cane Sugar and Glycerin to cleanse and soften the skin. To complete your bathing rituals, the range offers a lightweight body lotion which penetrates deep into the skin, to nourish and hydrate.