5 Hotel Amenities That Your Guests Want


From cosy rooms in igloos to underwater rooms to lodging with animals, new properties are mushrooming and pushing the envelope of what a typical hotel experience feels like. Regardless of the innovation, there are certain basic requirements properties are obligated to meet to guarantee both comforting and welcoming experience to guests.

To win the hearts and loyalty of customers, properties have to offer more than a place to sleep. Whether it’s room service, valet parking, an on-site spa with luxury bath amenities or luxurious guest room amenities supplies, it’s what’s over and above that appeals to guests. Akin to how guest expectations for décor and communication has evolved over the years, so has their envisage for amenities.

With the advent of the internet, travellers are more discerning than ever. With plenty of options available at the click of a button, they have a variety to choose from. If you want your customers to return and stand out from competitors, you need to focus on offering top-notch service and features.

1. Free Wi-Fi

For better or for worse, pre-teens and above are glued to their mobile devices nearly 24/7. Anything that comes in the way of uninterrupted internet access is perceived as a big negative. Today, it’s a game-changer and a modern-day staple for when travellers are looking make to make a booking. A property that offers free, property-wide internet access instantly bags a differentiating positive that makes guests chose them over others. If your hotel targets business travellers then without question, Wi-Fi is a must. Nearly 34% of business travellers won’t consider a property unless it has Wi-Fi.

2. Complimentary breakfast

Bespoke hotel amenities include a complimentary breakfast. Whether it’s a family vacation or a single person travelling for work, people take comfort in the fact that the first and the most important meal of the day is taken care of. After free Wi-Fi, travellers rank breakfast as the second most important amenity. Trust us, complimentary breakfast will not go unappreciated.

Apart from complimentary breakfast, guest room supplies mini-fridges and room service is also sought after. Business hotels can even think of offering grab-and-go meals for business travellers, giving guests the flexibility and convenience that they desire. A packed sandwich for on the road or a warm burrito to enjoy in the comfort of their room.

3. Luxurious spa and fitness facilities

If your current facilities include a 10-year old treadmill and generation-old TVs, unfortunately, they don’t make the cut anymore. The guests of today covet state-of-the-art, high-quality weight and cardio equipment, steam baths with sulphate and paraben free hotel amenities, saunas, massage services with luxury bath amenities – there’s really no going over the top. Mid-range hotels can aim to house mid-range, well-maintained and a broad selection of weight and cardio equipment along with big TV screens. It’s a good starting point.

4. Spa quality toiletries  

Remember, it’s the extra touches and the little things that leave a lasting impression on guests. Stocking the bathroom and rooms with luxury bath amenities and beauty products by luxury hotel amenities manufacturers like Inara can instantly give your hotel an indulgent five-star feel. From shampoo, soap, conditioner, body gels, mouthwash, lotions, etc. don’t forget anything. Inara provides bespoke hotel amenities which are also sulphate and paraben free hotel amenities. They’re an excellent option for everybody and anybody.  

5. Attentive, informative concierge services

When guests experience problems or are in need of information, a fast, courteous and reliable response often marks the difference between a dream vacation and a nightmare stay. An indispensable asset which employees should possess are a thorough knowledge of the property, it’s areas and its policies, especially those who communicate with customers. Knowledgeable staff who are willing to go the extra mile and deliver helpful information definitely make an indelible impression. This impression translates into word of mouth marketing for your property inturn creating a steady pipeline of referred guests.

Ultimately, amenities matter. They’re what make enhance your customers experience from good to excellent. Ensure you do everything you can to win the hearts of your customers and in turn their bookings and loyalty. Always remember, consistency is key – offer the exact same experience every single time thn the guests develop a sense of confidence and comfort with your property.

How Hotel Amenities Enrich the Customer Experience


Little things make a big difference – especially when it comes to delivering quality customer service in the hotel industry. More than the size of the suite or view from the window, it’s those little extra amenities that make your stay all the more enjoyable. As trivial as they may seem, hotel amenities are those vital goodies that can either make or break a customer’s experience. From uninterrupted Wi-Fi connection to the adorable travel size toiletries, you will be surprised how much influence simple hotel amenities have on making a stay a memorable one. If you don’t believe it, here’s a look at how few such amenities make a huge difference.

The classic Wi-Fi conundrum

With the ever-increasing use of digital technology, hi-speed internet is sort of a lifeline for almost everyone. From regularly updating oneself with emails to posting every exciting experience on social media, Wi-Fi network has become nothing but an essential amenity.  And god forbid if any room comes unequipped with this 21st-century necessity.

Bathroom essentials

No stay is complete without a set of complementary Inara travel size toiletries. Let’s face it, it’s not often that we go packing without the essential toilet kit. But it doesn’t hurt to have a freshly laid out kit that we can call our very own. After all, hotel bathroom toiletries essentials are great lifesavers in case you occasionally forget the much-needed toothbrush or shampoo. It’s not enough to have a wide array of toiletries at the cost of their quality. Think about it – having to use low quality shampoo is as bad as having to use no shampoo at all.

Linen towels and bathrobes

You may wonder how the humble towel can determine the quality of your experience. Well, having a towel that isn’t soft enough or big enough to drape yourself is quite off-putting. It’s almost as if you were reducing all that effort in taking a hot shower into redundancy. Similarly, having the luxury of linen bathrobes is nothing short of a royal experience. Some guests look to the hotel experience as a luxurious getaway. It is simple amenities like these that guarantee such finesse.

Complimentary refreshments

It’s no doubt that room service is always at our every beck and call. But calling out to them every time we want a glass of water can be taxing. Keeping refreshments like water or coffee/tea sachets stocked up in every room can make things all the more convenient. Be it a glass of water to quench your thirst or piping cup of coffee to kick-start your day, these conveniences leave a positive impression on every guest.

Dining options

When in a new place, every traveller likes to get a taste of the local cuisine. To give this experience a personal touch, it’s advisable to add a list of local recommendations on the dining menu. It adds an oomph factor which takes the quality of service a long way. On the contrary, it is also better to provide some staple options lest the guests aren’t of the adventurous category. It not only leaves the guest feeling cared for but it also makes them feel at home.

Specialised extra’s While it’s apt to treat every guest equally with the best of services, a little extra won’t do any harm. Whether it is a chilled bottle of champagne for a newly married couple or a crib for a child, these little extras are what make the stay a memorable and enjoyable one. If not for anything, it’s the thought and gesture that counts.

Recreate A Bespoke Hotel Experience, At Home with Inara

A new year, a new travel destination…These plans keeps us going through the months of scorching summer heat. The excitement to pack our bags and head on a new adventure to discover a rustic town, a busy city or a deserted island is unmatched! So much so, that we eagerly look forward to those fun drives and long haul flights which lead to our favorite travel destination! And then after exploring every nook, we long to come back our suite and relish the bespoke experience that the hotels and spas create just for us. However, this year is rather different from the usual, as most of us have decided to stay indoors this time around. But, what if we tell you that you can still indulge in a relaxing and sensorial experience at the comfort of your home…

How, you ask? Allow us…

Inara by Forest Essentials brings to you an exquisite curation of bath & body care essentials encased in a smart, compact pouch, which captures the refreshing blend of Neroli & Lemon Zest. An exclusive collection which is provided to the country’s leading premium hotels, is now just a click away! As fragrances are known to evoke and enhance our sensorial experiences, these fragrances have been thoughtfully formulated and blended together to enhance the mood and uplift the sense. These bath and body care essentials are blended with carefully selected botanical ingredients, natural plant extracts and infused with our signature, citrusy fragrances, to provide for holistic wellbeing.

Inara’s most loved bath collection, the invigorating blend of Neroli & Lemon Zest induces a sense of calm, tranquility and harmony, whilst uplifting the mood. This compact pouch includes miniature sized Sulphate free Cleansers and Conditioner which are nourishing and extremely gentle on the skin and hair, curated for our discerning customers.

To care for the delicate skin of the hands, discover the Inara Neroli & Lemon Zest Clear Soap which is completely free from Sulphates and Parabens, instead has added benefits of a natural cleansing agent Reetha (Soap Nut Extracts) to create foamy lather. Formulated using fresh Rosemary Leaves and potent extracts of Green Tea and Soap Nut, the Inara Neroli & Lemon Zest Shampoo gently cleanses and rejuvenates the scalp for stronger hair follicles and healthy hair growth. When combined with the Inara Neroli & Lemon Zest Hair Conditioner, the hair is left glossy and frizz-free. It is formulated with active ingredients including Hibiscus Extracts and Glycerin which smoothen and detangle the hair.

Indulge in a luxurious bath with the Inara Neroli & Lemon Zest Shower Gel to cleanse, nourish and lightly scent the skin. This emollient blend of cold pressed, Coconut Oil, Carrot Seed Oil and Soybean Protein replenishes the skin’s natural moisture content, unlike contemporary shower gels in the market which more often than not, strip off the skin’s natural oil content. Or, alternate your showers with the Inara Neroli & Lemon Zest Bathing Soap which is blended with the extracts of fresh flowers, fruits and herbs to cleanse the skin. This handmade soap has a base of cold pressed Coconut Oil and Almond Oil along with a natural humectant, Glycerin; together, these leave the skin silky smooth and gleaming.

Complete your bath ritual with a rich, Body Lotion by Inara, to hydrate the skin. It is formulated with naturally nourishing ingredients including cold pressed Olive Oil, Flaxseed Oil and Licorice extracts which are easily absorbed into the skin, leaving it moisturized, soft and supple, all day. The citrusy blend of Neroli & Lemon Zest leaves the skin scented and glistening, as it captivated the senses with a lasting aroma. 

Explore the collection at Myntra or Amazon

Resurfacing and Detoxifying Body Treatment by Inara

At Inara, we have revisited the ancient recipes and techniques to formulate the most efficacious treatments. By adding a modern twist to each, these uniquely Spa treatments are designed to deeply rejuvenate, detoxify and nourish the body, and specially for today’s discerning consumer to indulge in a truly pleasurable and sensorial experience.

One such highly effective Spa treatment is the Rich-Cocoa Dark Chocolate Body Treatment by Inara, for the ultimate detoxification of the skin, while it tones, firms and intensely nourishes it. This delicious, decadent body treatment is exclusively available at Hyatt Regency, New Delhi. This is enriched with rich Cocoa Butter and potent herbal extracts which are traditionally known to revitalize and renew the skin. This relaxing and aromatic body treatment comprises a nourishing Chocolate Body Scrub, a soothing Chocolate Massage Gel, and a restoring Chocolate Body Wrap.

The nourishing Chocolate Body Scrub by Inara is formulated by crushing rich Cocoa and blending it with Cocoa Butter for a smooth, velvety textured scrub. This natural body scrub gently exfoliates the skin to unclog pores, and remove dirt and toxins from it. As a natural exfoliant, it also maintains the pH levels of the skin and doesn’t strip off its natural oil content.

The soothing Chocolate Massage Gel by Inara is a cooling gel blended with rich dark chocolate that helps to restore the skin’s moisture balance. This refreshing gel has naturally soothing, healing and hydrating properties which help to calm the skin, especially after exfoliating. This easily glides onto the skin to stimulate blood flow, promote skin regeneration and soften the skin.

The restoring Chocolate Body Wrap by Inara is enriched with highly nutritive oils to tone and firm the skin. A natural age defying agent, Cocoa helps restore the skin’s elasticity and radiance, while it deeply nourishes and moistures it. This body wrap helps close the open pores, cool and calm the skin.

This nourishing and soothing Rich-Cocoa Dark Chocolate Body Treatment by Inara intensely detoxifies and soothes the skin from deep within. As it captures the goodness of potent ingredients, cold pressed oils and other herbal extracts, a relaxing Spa treatment formulated by Inara leaves the skin energized rejuvenated from deep within. The mind is relaxed while the skin is left hydrated, nourished and glistening with a porcelain smooth touch.

One of the most essential ingredients, Cocoa Butter is rich in high fatty acids and as an emollient, it is known to deeply nourish, condition and soften the skin. The fat in Cocoa Butter forms a protective barrier on the skin and holds in the natural moisture content. It is a powerhouse of antioxidants which hydrates the skin, helps protect it from environmental damage, thereby providing radiance and elasticity to dull, dehydrated skin.

Nourishing head massage to restore healthy hair.

In Ayurveda, healthy hair is an expression of a balanced Ayurvedic Dosha; when the hair is glossy, beautiful and strong as compared to being limp and frizzy. The key to maintain healthy, strong and nourished hair is to include high performing, Ayurvedic hair care products at every step in your regimen. Essentially, one should opt for products that are prepared with natural ingredients and herbs to ensure they are gentle on the scalp and do not harm the hair quality in the long run.

Nutrients are the key to lush healthy hair, but to be effective they must reach deep within the roots. Often tension in the scalp or fatty deposits block circulation, drying the sebum and, thereby, weakening the hair roots. A relaxing head massage is the answer for tension relief as it improves circulation and frees the hair roots of dry sebum. A scalp massage is also known to increase the oxygen supply to the brain and helps to increase blood flow to the hair follicles, thereby also supporting the growth of healthy hair. 

Following the ancient ayurvedic method of infusing potent herbs and their extracts in oils, is used in the preparation of our Head Massage Oil. These are 100% natural and free from any Sulphates, Parabens, Petroleum, artificial colour, synthetic fragrance and animal testing.

The Inara Head Massage Oil Hibiscus & Coconut is rich in emollient oils and potent Ayurvedic herbs to deeply nourish and soothe the scalp that lends to healthy hair. Olive oil is a source of anti-oxidants and neutralizes free radicals that damage the scalp and hair from external stressors. An emollient for the hair, Coconut Oil deeply moisturises the scalp, restores its shine, while conditioning and strengthening the hair follicles. The presence of Vitamin E, enriched with antioxidant properties, helps to reduce oxidative stress that leads to hair loss. It also stimulates blood circulation and balances excess oil production in the scalp. Hibiscus leaf extracts help combat excessive dryness and fizziness; Acacia and Jujube leaves extracts along with refreshing Lime essential oil help to treat scalp irritation and dryness, and strengthen hair follicles to restore healthy hair texture and growth.

Pro Tip: Using the double boiling method, slightly warm the oil and massage it into the scalp and along the hair lengths. Preferably, leave it wrapped in a hot towel for thirty minutes. Wash and rinse as required.

Available at Marriott Suite, Pune.

Distinctive turndown products given by hotels

While looking for a hotel, our “check list” usually comprises the lavish resort properties, cozy rooms with comfy beds and white linens, an extravagant food menu to choose from, and a relaxing Spa menu. These properties offer elegant interiors with a picturesque view to enjoy, while you sip a refreshing drink to unwind. At these exquisite properties, you’ll also find some high performing bathroom amenities to complete your experience at a hotel! Much like the Inara Guest Indulgence which offers an exceptional range of in-room amenities to enhance your stay at one of India’s finest hotels.

The Inara Guest Indulgence is an exquisite range of natural products, that are formulated using only the purest, freshest, and most potent blend of ingredients. These are blended using traditional and authentic making of processes, as per the ancient texts of Ayurveda. This range is a combination of soothing Sleep Gel, a luscious Lip Balm, a purifying Facial Cleanser, and a detoxifying yet refreshing Bath Salts to complete that Bubble Bath!

While holidays are all about fun and to explore around, and one might feel over-exerted at the end of the day. Nothing’s like a comforting bubble bath followed by a peaceful sleep. The Inara Guest Indulgence collection offers a citrusy and reinvigorating blend of moisture rich Bath Salts, to compliment your Bubble bath experience. The Fragrant Foam Bath enables one to enjoy a relaxed bath while gently cleaning the skin. It also offers a unique gel based Facial Cleanser to suit every skin type. This face wash gently cleanses the skin while revealing a healthy complexing and leaves the skin gleaming. Top it up by applying a nourishing Lip Balm which contains Coconut and Shea Butter to deeply hydrate the lips to seal in the moisture, while leaving them soft and glossy. Apply it after a face wash, before a lipstick, or simply as often as required!

After a day full of fun activities, who doesn’t want a peaceful sleep in those cozy comforters. Well, Inara has taken care of this need as well with a cooling Sleep Gel. Infused with a unique blend of calming essential oils like Vetiver, Lavender and Grapefruit, the Sleep Gel promotes a sense of well-being by soothing tensed nerves and helps induce a peaceful sleep. Lightly dab the sleep gel on temples and nape of the neck, before going to bed

Available at: Marriott Group (Marriott Goa, Marriott Jaipur) and Vivanta Group ( Vivanta  Goa, Vivanta Surajkund)

Finally, India has got its finest coffee Plantation – Ama Trail’s by Taj group

Amidst misty hills, lush forests and scenic landscapes with fresh aromas of coffee plantations, lies this quintessential holiday destination – Coorg. This postcard-perfect destination attracts tourists who are looking out for adventurous activities or simply, a relaxing staycation.

At Ama Plantation Trails, savour the coffee made from freshly ground beans, relish the local cuisine; run, play, explore and step out for sight-seeing and adventures. The fresh air is infused with the distinct aromas of coffee, vanilla, pepper and other spices that adds for a refreshing change. Equipped with modern amenities, these vintage properties exude a colonial charm amid the irresistible natural beauty of the plantations. The resort houses expert Chefs who bring to your platter unique flavors that tantalize your taste buds with Kodava Cuisine along with the delicacies from varied parts of India.

Replicating the rich heritage of Coorg, the Bungalows at Ama Plantation are equipped with intricate Victorian furniture, and are designed to make way for natural light to flow in, which add to its luxurious grandeur. Nestled in the lap of green scenic views, the cool, fresh breeze refreshes one’s self to relax and unwind. The surrounding gardens are home to schools of butterflies, hovering their way through the blossoms & the humming of honeybees on their mission to pollinate & bring nature to its sustenance. Sip on a cup of hot coffee while you sit back and relax in their fresh garden.

At this exquisite property, Inara offers their refreshing unique blend of warm Tangerine and Orchid that are formulated with pure, fresh, natural plant extracts and ancient recipes that lie in the traditional scriptures of Ayurveda. Indulge in a luxurious bath with this warming yet refreshing blend to soothe, calm and relax your senses.

A World Flower Show & International Seminar hosted by Diggi Palace, Jaipur.

In the lap of luxury, resonates a reflection of the country’s deeply rooted history dating back to over 150 years surrounded by its creative architecture. Diggi Palace is a vibrant amalgamation of cultures, heritage and art that dwells in the heart of Jaipur. The Palace echoes the Rajasthani favors which is embedded in its hospitality, and celebrates its festivities to enhance one’s enriching experience. The strength of Rajasthan’s culture and the mesmerizing sound of Sufi music is as indigenous in its vibe as is invigorating in its impression.  

Nestled in a serene setting with greens, the Palace offers luxurious courtyard suites that illuminate contemporary décor, each equipped with a personal terrace, a splendidly furnished mini bar befitting the guests’ need. The mesmerizing architecture of the palaces captures the historical yesteryears in every shade and blended with the warmth of their hospitality ensures that the guests surrender to slumber with the flamboyance of Diggi.

The Palace kitchen promotes the concept of farm to table with their organic farms. Enjoy a trip to one of their organic farms to gain a firsthand experience on the science of farming. These organic farms use sustainable agricultural techniques and grow over 50 fruits and vegetables. 

In Feb 2020, Diggi Palace hosted the International Flower Show for the World Association of Floral Artists (WAFA). This five-day flower fair was a panorama of workshops, competitions, demonstrations & exhibition; everything to excite a flower lover. With a range of products enriched with citrusy and refreshing Pink Grapefruit and Ginger, Inara partnered with Diggi Palace and provided amenities during this spectacular show.

5 Important Natural Products for Business Travelers

With every Business Travel, one looks at productive meetings, efficient networking and accomplishing much more. Though on the other side, business travel can be really taxing because of various reasons – frequent travels are tiring, eating and sleeping patterns and more. All these reasons can impact your outlook too. Therefore, it becomes crucial to plan your packing. A business traveller should be hands-on with the important things which should go in the luggage. Regular travels can be tedious and unplanned too, therefore, a frequent traveller must have a certain part of the luggage always ready. While by now everyone knows the key to a Smart Packing is ‘Divide and Pack’. So as many sections you have in the suitcase, so is your travel life made easy. A set of clothes, shoes, set of casuals and your own body and bathing amenities are the basic toiletries anyone needs to carry. But the question is how much is sufficient? Some services should be left to the best of the hotels.

While you are away flying, attending meetings and eating everything try to take care of yourself at the end of the day. No matter how much your day has been hectic make sure to rejuvenate yourself before you go to sleep. Natural products are known for their long-lasting impact. Though there are many such brands available in the market one of the brands which are really important for a business traveller is INARA. Inara India recognizes the need of today’s five-star hotels when it comes to wellness amenities, therefore while manufacturing luxurious hotel amenities they add refinement beyond imagination. A brand which takes pride in manufacturing 100% natural products that benefit body, mind, and environment, by being completely free of sulphates, parabens, colouring agents, or any synthetics. They are the source of natural ingredients at a hotel which drives a traveller again to your hotel. Here is the basic list of hotel amenities of bath and basics which every hotel should have to keep their guests revitalized:

–    INARA’s Shampoo is made up of a mixture of rosemary leaves, green tea and soap nut extracts is a unique combination. These shampoos are sulphate free therefore harmlessly cleansing hair and scalps.

–    Conditioners boasts of olive oil mixed with glycerine and hibiscus extract to detangle hair to keep easy and breezy.

–    The shower gel is kept closest to nature while using coconut oil, soya bean protein and carrot seed oil. It helps to find the body natural moisture balance with a subtle fragrance.

–    Body lotions are made the most effective by using olive oil, liquorice oil and flaxseed oil which are easily absorbed in the skin to keep it soft for the longest hours.

–    Bathing soap comprises of coconut oil and almond oil mixed with glycerine so that there is no dryness after bathing.

–    While when it comes to Inara Hand soap they are enriched with Vitamin E to cleanse and nourish guest’s hands.

All the above products are available in unique blends of ingredients which are known for their various benefits. They come in Neroli & Lemon Zest, Tangerine & Orchid, Water Lily and Citrus. Citrus is known to keep the glow intact whereas Neroli extracts are famous for its soothing power. Lemon Zest is filled with the power of mood enhancer to let you enjoy the rest of the evening after a hectic day. They also come in mini packaging which can be carried by the travellers while checking out. They are mini toiletries easy to carry even in a short suitcase as well as apt for frequent travellers. Given the range of the natural products that INARA has to offer, any of the business travellers will keep coming back to their home away from home.

It’s important for Indian top hoteliers to create a comfortable and soothing environment for its guests. These offerings might appear a small part of the entire hospitality services but because they are of personal usage, natural bath and basics amenities become crucial. Inara’s products make sure to satisfy the travellers’ needs especially when they return to their rooms tired and exhausted. Thus, let the business travellers end their days at the best.

Feel The Essence Of Nature With Inara India In Hotel As Well

Hotel is a home away from home for any traveler. When you travel you seek to get the best. To make that stay more memorable hotel amenities plays a crucial role. The quality of the amenities provided by the hotel develops a sense of sophistication amongst the traveler. Not only this, the better the amenities better is the brand value and image of the hotel.

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